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Core Values

GVL Management Limited is dedicated to providing a professional, efficient and comprehensive service

Professional Approach
No matter how big or small, we'll guide your company through the accreditation process.
Efficient Service
We understand that turnarounds are tight so we believe in efficient service.
Comprehensive Offering
With so many aspects of Goods Vehicle Licencing to consider, we bring it all under one roof.
Quality Consulting
Whatever your transport needs, you can get the answers through our consultancy service.
Core Values

GVL Management LTD is dedicated to providing a professional, efficient and comprehensive service to the Road Haulage and Passenger Carriage industry. As one of the UK’s leading Transport Consultancies, we are experienced in providing expert advice and guidance on all of the key aspects of transport management.


Our consultancy service includes auditing and compliance, transport management systems, driver training, new operator licence applications and mentoring, public inquiry and preliminary hearing representation, OCRS management. We also have international knowledge and experience in cross border EU operator licencing.

Our Approach

1 – Listening to our clients and fulfilling their compliance needs
2 – Help our clients to stay safe and compliant
3 – Help our clients to understand non-compliance and risks involved with it
4 – Prioritise compliance and reduce road accidents

Our Vision

To be the fastest growing international transport consultancy. A company that best understands and satisfies the need of its clients by providing outstanding service, products, and quality, so that we make every client stay compliant, safe and happy.

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