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Categorisation of Vehicle Defects

Discover how the authorities categorise defects on your vehicles

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How defects are categorised and the penalties

The definitive guide on how defects found during roadside inspections or vehicle tests are categorised and what action will be taken when they’re found. Simply click here for the 249 page guide.

Awareness about just how the authorities categorise defects discovered on your vehicles, whether at the roadside, in your operating centre, or during an MOT is essential for you to effectively manage both your operator licence conditions and the all-important OCRS against your operator licence.

The main purpose of the Categorisation of Vehicle Defects handbook is to provide guidance on the action to take when roadworthiness defects are found during vehicle inspections and, to promote consistency among vehicle examiners.

Within the guide you will find details about the Prohibition Notice (PG9) policies, how they are defined, the types, and importantly how to remove them (PG10).

If you have been issued a PG9 it is vitally important you address the issue(s) and inform the Traffic Commission as soon as practically possible. Remember your vehicles MUST always be ‘Fit For Service’.

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PG9 Notices will affect your OCRS
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