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Forward with FORS - Goods Vehicle Licence

FORS Associate

Forward with FORS

GVL Management is pleased to announce our FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) Associate Membership. Our association with this highly revered organisation, a leader in promoting best practice in the transport industry, is driven by our shared values and common goals – making the roads safer for us all.

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One of the key reasons we are announcing our association today is the 10% discount we are offering on all of our Transport Management Services to FORS members. And just in case you need anymore reasons to join this community of businesses and organisations that truly care about safety on our roads, here are a few more;

Five key benefits of FORS accreditation:

1. STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD If you were a fleet transport customer and you were required to choose between two operators, who would you appoint? Would you select the one whose safety record and environmental practices you knew nothing of? Or the one whose FORS accreditation proved a commitment to good practice in all aspects of the business, including road safety, sustainability issues and many other aspects of corporate social responsibility? Who’s going to win the new business? It’s a no-brainer for the contractor. Free training is provided to all of our members.

2. IMPROVE YOUR ROAD SAFETY RECORD Dedicated FORS Professional training equips your managers and drivers with the skills and knowledge to improve their work related road safety and to reduce the risk of collisions with other motor vehicles and, crucially, vulnerable road users. Become FORS accredited and access safety specific tools that help you log, monitor and report any incidents, as well as learn from other organisations’ experiences.

3. REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION; INCREASE EFFICIENCY FORS Professional training will benefit your operation through a FORS Practitioner workshop, FORS eLearning and toolkits, helping to put you one step ahead of the competition. Expert advice on the latest technologies and systems will provide tangible efficiencies. Dedicated driver training will promote defensive, more economic driving, leading to reduced fuel costs.

4. REDUCE FINES The Penalty Charge Notice toolkit from FORS will help to reduce the number of fines and charges you receive, relating to a range of traffic infringements. You’ll become more familiar with laws and be up-to-date with any changes, enabling you to prepare for the future. This toolkit is a firm favourite among existing FORS members, and is complemented by a FORS Practitioner workshop and FORS eLearning module for drivers.

5. GREATER INDUSTRY ‘KNOW HOW’ AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES FORS accreditation opens doors to a rich source of essential information to give you the edge in the ultra-competitive transport sector; extra ‘know how’ that can pay dividends. With fortnightly eNews and monthly Training FORS Professional eNews, FORS members receive insider knowledge on how the scheme is changing the industry and where potential opportunities lie for you. Through free and funded FORS Professional training, managers and drivers will have the chance to meet, swap tips and network with other industry professionals.

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