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Prohibition Notices

A vehicle prohibition notice can jeopardise your operator’s licence. If you do not notify the Traffic Commissioner of a PG9 or fail to provide a satisfactory explanation as to why the notice was issued and the steps you intend to take to correct this, you risk being registered as an AMBER or RED operator on the OCRS.

OCRS Operator Compliance Risk Score

OCRS Operator Compliance Risk Score is an essential indicator used by the authorities to assess your risk of non-compliance with the licence conditions and undertakings. You need to know what they know about your roadworthiness and tachograph history.

Government Enforcement & Sanctions Policy

Discover how the authorities enforce and sanction operators that fail to comply with operator licence regulations. Understand the graduated fixed penalty process and the importance of running a compliant fleet.

Public Inquiry & Preliminary Hearings

If you are facing a public inquiry we can help. Our years of experience and in depth knowledge of the transport industry means we can help you to manage this situation without it becoming a crisis.


EU Transport Directive

Information and guidance about EU regulations that have a direct impact on UK and Overseas operators of goods vehicles.


Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness

This guide provides you with best practice advice on the responsibilities that an operator or driver has to ensure the roadworthiness of their vehicles. It also covers what you are legally required to do and gives information on where to seek additional help, including technical assistance or training.


Driver Hours & Tachograph Regulations

This guide provides advice to drivers and operators of goods vehicles, whether used privately or commercially. It explains the rules for drivers’ hours and the keeping of records.


Guide to Recovery Operations

This guide sets out the rules that you need to follow if you run a vehicle recovery business or drive a vehicle to recover other vehicles.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency

The DVSA (formerly VOSA Vehicle Operator Standards Agency) carry out driving tests, approve people to be driving instructors and MOT testers, carry out tests to make sure lorries and buses are safe to drive, carry out roadside checks on drivers and vehicles, and monitor vehicle recalls.

Traffic Commissioners

Traffic Commissioners are responsible for the licensing and regulation of those who operate heavy goods vehicles, buses and coaches, and the registration of local bus services. They are assisted in this work by deputy Traffic Commissioners, who preside over a number of public inquiries. They publish statutory guidance essential reading for all operators of goods and passenger vehicles.


DGSA Dangerous Goods

Information about Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors, and the requirements to transport dangerous goods on road, rail, and inland waterways.

Advertising your GVOL Notice

We can help you understand how to apply for a GVOL Notice. We also go one step further by helping you create a correctly worded notice in an appropriate qualifying newspaper, whilst saving costs, both time and money.

Categorisation of Vehicle Defects

Discover how the authorities categorise defects on your vehicles


Simplified version of EU Driver Hours and Working Time Directive

Simple Guide to Driving Hours & WTD

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