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Driver Hours & Tachograph Regulations

The most recent updates covering Great Britain & Europe

Know Your Responsibilities

If you are a new operator, it's likely you'll be overwhelmed by the number of hoops you have to jump through, but don't worry, we're here to help, with a few simple packages to make your life easier.

The Government Guidance

This guide provides advice to drivers and operators of goods vehicles, whether used privately or commercially. It explains the rules for drivers’ hours and the keeping of records, and updates previous guidance from 2011. The EU regulations also place a responsibility on others in the supply chain such as consignors, freight forwarders, contractors, sub-contractors and driver agencies. People working in these sectors of the road haulage industry may benefit from an understanding of the guidance offered here.

Those who are involved in international operations are advised to check whether the other country or countries in which they operate produce equivalent guidance. We recommend that you contact the relevant embassy.


As with any legislation, previous and future court judgments may assist interpretation on a particular point. Where significant court judgments on interpretation are relevant, these have been incorporated in the text. Some important judgments are available – many in shortened form – in legal reference books held by larger reference libraries. If you are in doubt as to how these rules apply to you, seek your own legal advice.

Comprehensive Transport Management Administration & Compliance Set-Up Fee £499

The reasons for considering an Administration & Compliance Set Up are as follows:


If you are concerned that you may not be able to keep on top of the paperwork required to stay fully compliant, we can have one of our local Transport Managers visit you and guide you through the process.


Your consultant will prepare vehicle and driver files as outlined on your Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence, specifically; maintenance, rules on driver’s hours and Tachograph procedures and, how to complete and record all necessary paperwork to ensure your regulatory compliance.

Full instruction will be provided to enable you to:


• Ensure vehicles are not overloaded and that the vehicles will operate within given speed-limits.
• Ensure vehicles are kept fit and serviceable.
• Ensure drivers promptly report any defects or the symptoms of defects that could prevent the safe operation of the vehicle and that any such defects are immediately reported in writing.
• Ensure that the number of vehicles kept at the operating centre does not exceed the number of vehicles authorised.
• Ensure all records are accurately completed and that the correct systems and procedures are put in place to enable you to maintain regulatory compliance.
• Ensure that all required records are kept for 15 months and are made readily available to the Traffic Commission for inspection.

Monthly Transport Management Fee £125 per vehicle (minimum £250 per month)

The Monthly Management Fee includes:


• The maintenance of vehicle and driver files as outlined on your Goods Vehicle Operator Licence.
• All duties and services as listed above.
• Quarterly onsite visits.

Quick Start Compliance Kit Fee £149

• Up to 3 Digital Tachograph Driver Cards and a Digital Tachograph Company Card forms completed for you.
• Maintenance Wall Planner for your vehicles.
• Driver Declarations & Procedures.
• Official Guide to maintaining roadworthiness of the vehicles.
• Drivers Daily Defect Report book.
• Defect Rectification Report book.

Tachograph Analysis £1.00 per vehicle/ £1.00 per driver per week (minimum annual charge of £100.00)

Online Tachograph system providing a range of reports including:


• Driver Matrix, Productivity and Status.
• Driver 7 Day Report.
• Driver Infringement Summary.
• Vehicle Report.
• Working Time Directive Report.

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