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EU Transport Directive

Understand transport law and regulations on the continent

EU Transport Directive

For the European Union, transport is of strategic importance. Regulations in place across the whole union aim to promote efficient road freight and passenger transport services through:

  • The creation of fair conditions for competition
  • The promotion and harmonization of safer and greener standards
  • Convergence of fiscal and social rules among member states

The existing legislation establishes common rules on access to the profession, maximum vehicle weights and dimensions and minimal standards for working time, driving time and rest periods, including the use and enforcement of tachograph.

Since these rules are embedded in each member state’s own law, road haulage operation is relatively similar across the EU. However, administrative procedures and enforcement vary a lot from one country to another. Thus, operators seeking to expand in Europe would benefit from the expertise of one of our local partners. Contact us if you want to grow your business abroad.

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