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GVOL Notice

Goods Vehicle Operator Licence Applications & Variations

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Advertising your GVOL Notice

We can help you understand the GVOL Notices process. We also go one step further by helping you create a correctly worded notice in an appropriate qualifying newspaper, whilst saving costs, both time and money.

New Operator’s Licence Application

When you submit a new application for a goods vehicle operator’s licence, the Traffic Commissioner requires an advertisement to be placed in a newspaper local to your intended operating centre.  At the minimum, the GVOL notice must appear once in the time from 21 days before to 21 days after the application is made. Allowing people in the local area the opportunity to object to this notification.

Variation to an Operator’s Licence

When you are applying for a variation to your operator’s licence as with a new application, a GVOL notice must be placed in a qualifying local newspaper. All the same rules apply.

How we help

With the aid of our specialist consultants, we help you understand what the GVOL Notice process entails, what potential objections could be made and if the area of your operating centre is suitable.

After this we draw up a correctly worded notice in an appropriate qualifying newspaper, helping you save both time and money.

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GVOL Notice for Applications & Variations
Fast and Accurate Preparation and Submission into Qualifying Newspapers