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Simplified Driving Time Guidance

The must-know essentials about driving hours and breaks

EU Driver Hours and Working Time Directive

Easy to understand guide to the rules for drivers of large goods vehicles and passenger-carrying vehicles, including how long you can drive and work, and the breaks you should take. For a copy of the guide simply click here

The regulations apply to all drivers of commercial goods vehicles or combinations of vehicle and trailer of more than 3.5 tonnes and passenger vehicles with more than 9 seats (including the driver’s), unless covered by a specific EU-wide exemption or a national derogation. For information about exemptions and national derogations visit our FAQ’s.

You may be operating a logbook system, or more commonly, a tachograph. Remember, it is necessary to maintain records and have reporting and downloading procedures in place to enable you to review infringements and take remedial action.

If you have concerns about your tachograph records contact us and we will conduct a Tachograph Audit and provide advice and guidance.

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