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Become a Trusted Haulier under the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme.

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About the Scheme

The DVSA Earned Recognition scheme is a voluntary initiative which allows organisations to demonstrate they are fully compliant with driver and vehicle standards in return for a reduced burden of enforcement.

To be considered for the scheme, operators must display a strong track record of compliance.

The benefits include reduced roadside inspections and visits from compliance officers, which means you can focus on your business.

Giving the DVSA access to remotely monitor compliance systems means they can be sure the operator is functioning in a compliant and effective manner. Operators may be subject to reduced roadside checks and visits from enforcement officers in return. This scheme ensures operators with DVSA Earned Recognition status experience significant benefits, whilst promoting a culture of road safety. It also allows the DVSA to target the companies who are considered the highest risk due to poor compliance.
Join and become a Government Trusted Haulier.



Benefits of DVSA Earned Recognition

Government Trusted Haulier Status

Fewer DVSA visits to your Operating Centres

Fewer Roadside Inspections

Demonstrable Proof of Outstanding Compliance

Access to Government Contracts including HS2

The DVSA Earned Recognition Marque

Direct Access to the DVSA Earned Recognition Business Team

Application Process

Step One: Carefully review the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme Guide to ensure you have a full understanding of the standards applicable to your operation. For a direct link to the Scheme Guide Click here

Step Two: Prior to applying for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, it is recommended that operators ensure they meet all the criteria by carrying out a self assessment. Click here for a copy

Step Three: Complete the application form DVSAER01. Click here for a copy. Further notes and form guidance in regard to convictions and penalties can be found on our website under guidance. Be sure to nominate GVL Management Limited as your Earned Recognition Approved Auditor.

Step Four: The DVSA will carry out an application review, and, if the Key Performance Indicators are within the compliance thresholds then your application will be processed the following month


Next Steps

Once you have received confirmation of a successful application it is time to Arrange Your Audit with us

The Initial Audit will cover the processes involved in the transport management systems and how effectively they are managed

If the operator has already carried out an audit within the 3 months prior to the application review this will be sent to DVSA

The Audit Outcome will not be advised at the time of audit, this decision will be made by the DVSA Scheme Manager and a decision issued confirming, either; Standards met, or Standards not met.

If the application is successful then the applicant will have a DVSA Validated Management System, this system will be subject to monitoring and periodic audits

If the application is rejected, the operator will be advised on what they need to do next

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