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Restricted Operator License

Vehicle users who plan to carry their own goods while in the United Kingdom or European Union will need to apply for this type of licence.

Standard National Licence

This licence allows you to transport goods that you own across the EU and to charge for transporting goods not owned by you within the UK on a hire and reward basis.

Standard International Licence

This type of licence is used by organisations who work in international and inter-modal transport across Europe and beyond.

European & Offshore Licence

European & Offshore Licence for international hauliers who wish to obtain Non-UK Operator Licences and Community Authorisations, for guaranteed access to markets.

Operator Licence Application Made Easy

We offer a fixed-fee operator licence application. With an expert transport management consultation service. We’ll ensure you’re fully aware of your responsibilities and the legal obligations.

Applying for an Operator Licence is a significant and serious undertaking. Do you plan to submit the application yourself? You may find your decisions and suitability as an operator licence holder subjected to careful scrutiny.

For peace of mind, let us provide you with expert advice and guidance before you make a formal application.

Before making an application

You are advised to consider the following questions:

  • Why do you require an operator’s licence?
  • What type of operator licence do you need?
  • How many vehicles and trailers will you need?
  • Have you someplace suitable to park your vehicles and trailers?
  • Have you someone competent to conduct regular vehicle maintenance and inspections?
  • Can you provide evidence of ‘financial standing’ to the Traffic Commissioner?
  • Do you have sufficient knowledge of drivers’ hours to ensure operator compliance?

There are other criteria that you may need to satisfy, depending on the type of licence you require, contact us today to discover more. If your application is URGENT then please contact us immediately and request the FAST-TRACK service.

Can I make an application myself?

The answer is yes, you can register with GOV.UK and complete an online application. You will need to ensure you have all the necessary information available. This will include;

1) A correctly worded and formatted GVOL Notice ready for publication in a qualifying newspaper
2) An approved maintenance contract
3) A suitable operating centre

Also, be prepared to provide a comprehensive history of the directors involvement with operating licences. Including information about any penalties or convictions. You can find a direct link here:


Important: Once the process has been started and information submitted you will NOT be able to make significant changes or amendments. Any errors, particularly in regard to the correct wording and format of the GVOL notice may result in resubmission and payment of fees again.

What are the benefits of using your service?

The key benefits are saving time and money. Every application made to the Traffic Commissioner is carefully scrutinised. Any errors will delay the process and prompt further inquiries by the authorities. If the errors aren’t promptly dealt with you risk losing your statutory fee. And risk losing the monies paid for a GVOL Notice.
We will make all the key checks before submission to avoid any errors. For instance; is the GVOL Notice correctly worded? Is the operating centre suitable? Is the maintenance provider capable of meeting the inspection requirements? Is your financial standing sufficient? Are the Directors of good standing?
All of these things and more will be carefully reviewed before submission. We will remain in contact with your caseworker throughout the process.
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