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We provide fixed-fee operator licence applications, managed by our expert consultants. We can help you to submit a successful application and we can also help with after-care – that is, how to keep hold of your licence and continue to comply with the regulations, should you ever be audited. The first step is choosing your licence application below. If you already have a licence, you can browse our Services.

Restricted Operators Licence

Vehicle users who plan to carry their own goods while in the United Kingdom or European Union will need to apply for this type of licence.

Standard National Licence

This licence allows you to transport goods that you own across the EU and to charge for transporting goods not owned by you within the UK on a hire and reward basis.

Standard International Licence

This type of licence is used by organisations who work in international and inter-modal transport across Europe and beyond.

European & Offshore Licence

European & Offshore Licence for international hauliers who wish to obtain Non-UK Operator Licences and Community Authorisations, for guaranteed access to markets.

Welcome to Transport Managment Services

GVL Management Limited is the leading UK based transport consultancy established in 2014. We provide support and guidance to operators of commercial goods vehicles.

With over 2,000 clients and 500 registered transport managers and transport consultants nationwide ready to assist your organisation in managing regulatory compliance, we have the capacity and scope to assist all operators of commercial goods vehicles, from sole-traders and enterprises, through to public sector organisations.

Our goal is clear and simple. We strive to bring you high quality, professional and cost-effective services. What makes us different is our creativity and passion in delivering the best for you and exceeding your expectations. We care about your business as much as you do.

We love to see you successful, safe and happy.

Hedy Amiri-Aghdam
Managing Director
Accreditations & Partnerships
Our Services

From making an application for your first Operator Licence through to representation at Public Inquiry we offer all the support you need to manage your commercial goods vehicles

Consultant Services

Experienced and qualified CPC Transport Managers and Consultants available to assist you with managing your licence conditions and undertakings

Audits and Compliance

DVSA Approved Auditors and BSI accredited we offer prompt and cost-effective solutions to help you monitor your performance and manage compliance with the law

Tachograph Analysis

Digital and paper-based tachograph analysis and reporting, the simple and convenient way to meet your operator licence obligations


Become a DVSA Earned Recognition or FORS accredited operator with us and get access to both public and private sector contract opportunities

Vehicle Procurement

Professional advice and guidance for fleet buyers and operators, use our experience in working with councils and owner operators to specify the correct vehicles for your needs

Software Solutions

Make managing your operator licence obligations simple and cost-effective with our range of easy to use software sourced from award-winning and approved developers

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“I have been really impressed with the level of customer service GVL Management Limited has provided to Boels Rental within the UK. Our business has evolved over the last two years from running a small fleet of commercial vans to presently running LGV’S with Operators Licences to go with them across the UK. The communication and assistance they provided us with were second to nothing, with exceptional customer service, particularly follow up calls and emails.

On more than one occasion they had offered information and solutions we required so we could better serve our customers.

I would recommend their service to any Transport Company.”

Gary Darley
Regional Operations Director.
Company News
August 10, 2018
You also know that NOW is the time for action. No more putting it off. No more head in the sand stuff. Deal with it now.
August 1, 2018
GVL Management Limited is pleased to announce the launch of Fleet Friend™ your online support buddy for transport compliance.
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