Standard International Licence


For transporting goods for hire and reward throughout the UK, Europe, and beyond

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Who should apply for this licence?

This type of licence is used by haulage operations that require EU Community Authorisation to transport goods for hire and reward throughout Europe

Consultation & Advice

The consultation provides an invaluable opportunity to discuss the responsibilities you have as a licence holder. Any questions you may have about applying for Goods Vehicle Operator’s licence can be answered and you can also check to ensure you’re able to provide all of the relevant information before continuing with your application. The Traffic Commissioner requires all applicants to disclose details of any previous licences and inform them of any prosecutions, bankruptcies or other issues that may affect the decision.

Standard International Operator Licence Application Service

Designed to increase the chances of a successful application, this package includes rigorous checks of all supporting documentation and ongoing guidance throughout the process. We prepare your maintenance agreement, operating centre usage consent and the GVOL Notice, which must be published in a qualifying newspaper. Liaising with the Traffic Commissioner’s office throughout the process, we ensure that you are registered with the Traffic Area Network online so you can take advantage of their self-service option after your licence has been granted.


CPC Qualified Transport Manager Requirement

We can assist you in sourcing and nominating a suitably qualified CPC Transport Manager with the all important ReputeSkill and Experience needed to ensure you satisfy the licence criteria.

Transport Managers who are responsible for legal undertakings associated with Operators Licence can benefit from our advice and guidance services. We can answer any questions you may have on contractual requirements and anything else relating to the application.

Your options can be discussed during your application and one of our representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have. Please note that this package does not include the cost of the mandatory public notice advert or the application and licence fees that the Traffic Commissioner requires.

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GVL Management Limited is the leading UK based transport consultancy established in 2014. We provide support and guidance to operators of commercial goods vehicles.

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