Heads-Up Scaffolding recently looked to make a variation to their operator licence; increasing the number of vehicles authorised on their licence. Having managed to secure an o-licence themselves previously, and having followed the government guidance notes, they were pretty comfortable in making the GV81 operator licence variation themselves without using a transport consultancy.

Initially, everything went smoothly the public notice was correctly prepared and it was duly published in a qualifying local newspaper, all was fine that is until a few days after publication when out of the blue a couple of DVSA inspectors were at their door demanding to check 18 months of records. Requiring a full inventory of driver hours and maintenance inspections through to daily walk around checks and brake test printouts! Unbeknownst to them whenever a variation is submitted there exists a heightened risk of a routine check by the authorities. Sometimes it pays to have someone look over your paperwork for peace of mind. We recommend you contact www.transportaudits.co.uk for an evaluation report on your transport administrations systems before you take the plunge – and ask ‘please sir can I have some more’.